At this stage, the box may be at its most dangerous. Now, these many individual pieces can be eaten by marine life large and small, even those in the deepest depths of the ocean. These microplastics have large surface area to volume ratios, which mean that they concentrate chemical toxins on their surfaces that then can transfer to the animals that eat them. This ingestion has been seen in multiple marine organisms and has led to a debate over whether these can lead to ecological effects both to the organism and any humans who consume them.

What we do know, is that we need more research into how plastics degrade in the ocean and where they end up to fully understand what effect they may have on marine life.

So how much do you really care that your takeaway is being served in a plastic tray! However you feel about this, without some action, you actually might end up eating your discarded takeaway box at some point in the future! Plastics and microplastics are accumulating in our oceans, affecting the food chain and overall ecosystem. if we do not act now, by 2050 the plastic waste in the ocean will outweigh the fish!

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